Monday, August 6, 2012

About Hannah

I am an avid food lover who has been cooking since I was in first grade. A couple years ago (2009) my mom and I suspected that I was gluten-in-tolerant and I was off wheat and most wheat products (we didn't know as much about it then). But then an evil elf doctor told me that all of my problems could be solved by accutane. He made me cry and ultimately I ended up taking the now illegal prescription.  The next year I became a vegetarian and through that and counting calories ended up losing about 50 pounds. Fast forward to my college dorm room a couple years later and my stomach felt like raging oceans and I once again had red dots/rashes all over my body. I went off gluten and felt a million times better. One day I accidentally had a muffin, I almost fainted in judo and had horrible rashes the next day. Nonetheless gluten isn't for me. Going off gluten did mean a couple of things for me, especially living in a college dorm and eating in the dining hall, I had to start eating meat again and I ended up gaining back about ten pounds. I am in this for the reboot. I want to try making most of my own food and avoiding using the normal starchy gf flour and switching to using mostly coconut and almond flour. I also want to limit my meat and up my healthy fat intake. Did I mention that I LOVE FOOD and COFFEE. That being said I am also a broke college student so I might sneak in some frugal ideals.